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MAR Sub Market

Hello everyone~~ :D
We are back

First, we would like to say sorry because we didn't update anything lately. But don't worry, we are still progressing with several episodes and we are not die yet. . .

And for now,  we are back with new thing. We introduce you "MAR Sub Market".
You want to help us subbing a project ?
You need help in TL/Timing/etc ?
Then, this is your place. Now, you can participate in subbing activity without join a FanSub !!



  1. Replies
    1. I hope not. The team is mostly focusing on their personal life right now so content is being delayed.

      Personally, I have nothing much to do and am patiently waiting for more work.

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  3. soooooo freaking dead since September. no one I and I mean really NOOOOOOOOOO one is using that sub market.

    1. back then, I tried to take over one project, so I emailed them.. after 1 week, they replied my email by saying they're sorry because they just replied my email, and then asking do I still want that project.. I replied back "Yes." , and they never replied back...

    2. MAR Sub is unofficially dead. If you do want to help out subbing 48 content, feel free to apply for the NKM48 positions:

  4. I think this is already dead. :( too bad im so late for the AKB48 :(