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140923 AKBINGO! 307 English Sub & Indonesian Sub

Who is the most normal member in AKB48 ??

In this episode, they will looking for the center through various game.
But, when I said "Center", it didn't refers to centers that you could find in their single.
This time, non-member people will also participate in this variety game. Can those members show their star quality ?? Watch it !!

Update : Takamina says 'Hachioji' because Hachioji in Tokyo is home to many colleges and universities, as well as being a commuter town for salarymen... so seeing a handbag organizer like that is quite common. ( Thanks to "Kinako Mochi" who had told me about this :D )

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Subbed by : MAR
QC by : Naukoot

The subs are owned by MAR Sub and the video belongs to Nippon TV and 48G.
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