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MAR Sub Market

Hello everyone~~ :D
We are back

First, we would like to say sorry because we didn't update anything lately. But don't worry, we are still progressing with several episodes and we are not die yet. . .

And for now,  we are back with new thing. We introduce you "MAR Sub Market".
You want to help us subbing a project ?
You need help in TL/Timing/etc ?
Then, this is your place. Now, you can participate in subbing activity without join a FanSub !!


130618 AKBINGO! 243 English & Indonesian Sub

Hey 48Group fans, it's TNT48 again to present you another episode of AKBINGO! This time, we are releasing the second part of the AKB48 Next Generation - Dokkiri episode! Why is Karen crying? What is this about aliens? Guess you'll have to watch these "next gen" members get pranked to find out!

Featured AKB48 members:
Intro: Tano Yuka & Juri Takahashi
Targets: Iwata Karen, Wakana Natori, Izuta Rina, Fujita Nana
Team Shimada: Shimada Haruka, Mariya Nagao, Miyu Takeuchi
Team Oba: Oba Mina, Miori Ichikawa, Suzuran Yamauchi
Team Iriyama: Iriyama Anna, Kiyoto (Bad Boys)

TL : Noily, NobiOshi
Timer : Lens
QC : Leviathan
Encoder : TNT48

150505 AKBINGO! 338 English Sub & Indonesian Sub

Now,  the Shojiki Shogi !!!

And this episode's match is...
- Miki vs Mako
- Maachun vs Ripopo

Discover some funny fact in this episode as each of them trying to uncover their friend's secrets.
Miki self-claimed her hot body ???
What Mako hate about Miki ???
Maachun and Ripopo in underwear problem ???

Find it here !!!

TL : MAR, Yuu_Kun
Timer : Spaede
QC : Senjuri
Encoder : TNT48

130723 AKBINGO! 248 English Sub & Indonesian Sub

Hello everyone :)))
Here we present to you AKBINGO! 248 sub.

In this episode of AKBINGO!, they will continue to looking for the next generation of Itano Tomomi. Many cute appeal from our members can be found here. Watch and learn how our members make their own fashion daily style here...

So, watch this !!!

TL : Noily, Lens, NobiOshi
Timer : Noily
TS : Noily
QC : Leviathan
Encoder : TNT48

141221 Nogizakatte doko? 165 English Sub

After several days doing nothing, now we are back with Nogizaka46 !!!

This is the christmas special episode of Nogizakattedoko... Watch these cute girls fantasy romance story (with a boy) here.
What kind of christmas that they dreamed ??

Don't miss it here !!!

TL : Noily, NobiOshi
QC : Leviathan
Encoder : TNT48

150428 AKBINGO! 337 English Sub & Indonesian Sub

Now,  a long-waited episode of AKBINGO!

With a popular story about two Japanese girls and one cicada, AKBINGO! ep337.....
Of course there'll be much more fun in this episode of muchaburi dodgeball.
And also, a little peek corner on Indonesia's JKT48 theater :D

So, don't miss it

TL : MAR, NobiOshi
Timer : Spaede
QC : Leviathan
Encoder : TNT48

141105 AKB Shirabe 04 English Sub & Indonesian Sub

Hey, we're back with Shirabe!
It's another Ikemen episode. This time on Shirabe they will discuss about college's version of Ikemen. How will our members respond? See the high expectation battle of Ikemen in this episode. Even our members can't hide their excitement... And Yukirin is targeting for "businessman" Ikemen?

TL : MAR, Yuu_Kun
Timer : Spaede
QC : Senjuri
Encoder : TNT48