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MAR Sub goes to a handshake event! (Green Flash 04/05/2015)

Hello Everyone! I'm Renz (or Lens as I go here in Marsubs), and it is my first time writing a report on something like this, and hopefully not the last.

So I was browsing AKB Chara-ani last January or February to find a handshake event nearly before or after my 2-shot event (in which I think was impossible and would probably add to the cost of my accomodation). Then at that time, a new unnamed AKB single was taking applications for their handshake event. It was also the first round as well. Lucky! I went on to check the dates and one of them were like right in the middle of Japan's Sakura Season. Awesome! So I thought I should go there that time and will skimp out meals and just live in capsules just for the sake of meeting them early and seeing the cherry blossoms in full bloom. And then I did.

At the time of the applications, I decided to apply for all the popular members that I didn't get in my previous applications (which was a 2-shot event). Luckily, I got every member that I wanted.

Slot 1: Mukaichi Mion and Watanabe Mayu
Slot 2: Shibata Aya and Watanabe Miyuki
Slot 3: Yamamoto Sayaka
Slot 4: Kojima Mako (3x) and Kashiwagi Yuki
Slot 5: Takahashi Minami and Matsui Jurina
Slot 6: Suda Akari and Kojima Haruna
Slot 7: Sashihara Rino and Matsui Rena.

The Handshake Event

I woke up about 3 hours prior to the event starting time, which is bad especially the event will be held in Makuhari Messi in Chiba. I rushed a lot! I just ate what I had in my bag, took a shower, gussied up then I ran and ran and ran. Good thing I got there 15 minutes before the start of the first slot.

After getting inside Makuhari Messi, I had my ticket stamped in the information desk inside since I had a foreign name . You have to do that if you're a foreigner going to an HS event to avoid issues.

They even stamped a blank ticket. tsk tsk.

There is this big board with the member's name and their booth numbers, I kinda had a hard time finding members since I don't really read Kanji all that well, but I eventually found them and went to my very first handshake line.

The lane for the disabled.

Note: Everything is in Japanese unless said otherwise.

SLOT 1 : Mukaichi Mion

Unsurprisingly, Mion's line is just as long as the other popular girls' line. Which is to be expected since she is one of the earliest ones that got sold out. As I get closer, I can actually see who her neighbors were. It was Nishino Miki, and next to her is Okada Nana. Of course, Okada Nana has one heck of a line, but what kind of bothered me is that Miki's line was empty, like literally no one is lining up. It was her birthday the day before the event as well. I kinda felt sad looking at her since she is anxiously waiting and wondering if she'll have someone lining up in her line, standing up, peaking outside her booth. Oh if I only had a blank ticket I would go there in a heartbeat. *note: She had a longer line in the later slots. Thank god*. At about halfway through the line, I can already see Queen Mion smiling brightly shaking peoples hands in her line. Sure enough everyone that comes back after the handshake has big smiles. I got really pumped, and nervous at the same time. You see, I'm not  really a good japanese speaker, so I had my arsenal of premade questions just in case I blank out.

So then my turn came by so fast that I didn't have enough time to practice. I can't believe it. Its Mion. The one I am admiring and watching on a screen, is actually touching my hands! She is really adorable, she is small and is really stretching her arms while she shakes my hands,

Mion: Good morning! Thank you so much.[big smile, her eyes squint]
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines!
Mion: Oh really? That's amazing.
Me: I'm a really big fan of yours.
Mion: Thank you so much.
Mion: Please come see me again next time[smiling but feels more like a serious talk]
Me: [I nodded while the ushers are gently pulling me away]
Mion: [her hands got tighter] Please come see me again next time[she repeated it! i think she wants me to say it back with that expression on her face]
Me: Yes. I will come again next time.
She smiled/laughed(?), then let go of my hand, waved, and then proceeded with the next person in line.

Oh man, that felt good. A great start for a long and tiring day. After Mion, I went straight to Mayuyu's line since she has a long line. On my left, I saw Oshima Ryoka being her energetic self with the only person on her line. Right after the guy left, her expressions changed. She was silent, spacing out and peaking if she had someone on her line. Seeing Idols like that makes me want to go to their line as well. Or at least the next time I go on a 2-shot / HS event. At her right side, its Mion.. Wait.. Mion? Isn't she like in the other side of the event hall? Well, it turned out to be the spot for the disabled. That is where old or disabled people lineup and the staff will call the idol that they requested for a while. Well thats.. Interesting.. So moving on, I actually didn't see Mayuyu until like theres only 1 or 2 people in front of me. To say it more precisely, she looks different from afar. Her hair was curly, she was fairly small and with no hair accessories at all.

Mayu: Good morning!
Me: I'm from the Philippines.[kinda stuttered a bit]
Mayu: Oh.. [then a pause for a good 2 seconds, she's probably deciding if she'll be speaking in english or japanese]
Mayu: Thank you [in japanese]
Me: Wow, you are really cute.
Mayu: Thank you.
Then the usher threw me to the side, he said sorry after though. I guess even he was surprised that he even did that. It was a so-so experience. I guess its not the best idea to tell her she is "Kawaii" since she probably hears it everyday.

SLOT 2 : Milky and Shibata Aya

I was really excited for slot 2. Both Shibata Aya and Watanabe Miyuki is known for their fan fishing skills. I prequeued for Milky first since I thought that I should get hers done before Shibata in which I think has a tad bit shorter prequeue line. In her left, there's my favorite NMB loli Ota Yuri which is also adorable and probably a good handshaker due to her expressions and smile. Halfway through the line, I already saw Milky, oh man she looks like a goddess. Her look was really simple, and she smiles really nicely as well. She leans forward when she talks and her eyes are really seductive.
And so my turn came
Milky: Hello! Thank you so much. [smiling, holding my hand really tight]
Me: I'm from the Philippines!
Milky: Really? Thank you! [still with her really cute but seductive smile]

Wait, What? I just got in there. I swear it was like 4-5 seconds. Milky must have felt it was so fast too so she held my hands even tighter even when the ushers are pushing me out.

[still tries to have a conversation]
Milky: You came from the Philippines? I'm really happy
Milky: [looks and sees the guard persistently pushing me back] Please see me again!
Me: I will.

I was disappointed. It was kinda so-so since it was cut short. But I did understand why she is really popular based on the people in front of me, I just wish I could have experienced it too. Oh well, moving on to Shibata Aya.

I lined up on one of the large lines in the SKE side. Shibata Aya's booth is number 2. So I figured that this huge line that I am lining up in was hers. Turned out to be Matsui Rena's which is booth number 1. FML. I spent a good 15 minutes in there too, good thing Shibata's line isn't that long anymore and I made it before the cutoff time.

As you guys might know about now, I have this hobby of looking at other booths close to the booth i'm lining up. So our neighbors this time is Matsui Rena, Kitagawa Ryoha, next to Uha is Takayanagi Akane, and then Furuhata Nao. I was surprised, Ryoha , Takayanagi and Nao doesn't have people lining up, they do have people coming but by ones or twos. Ryoha caught my attention when she started dancing and lip syncing Green flash on her seat during her idle time. She was spacing out too. She was really cute and adorable. I was watching her most of the time that I didn't realize there is only 2 people in front of me. Then I saw Shibata Aya. Her eyes isn't creepy as it is on TV, actually it kinda works in person. She is cute, really nice reaction and energetic.
When my turn came:
Shibata Aya: Goodmorning! [leans forward then looks upward to me]
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines!
Shibata Aya: Awesome! I'm really happy. [wide eyed, smiling]
Me: Sousenkyou is coming really fast. Are you nervous?
Shibata Aya: I'm really nervoouus~ [worried expression, and intonation]
Me: I'll vote for you
Shibata Aya: Thank you! Please come see me again next time~

I enjoyed talking to her. Really. It really feels like I'm talking to someone. Not just saying thank you all the time.

SLOT 3: Sayanee and my one and only break.

Sayanee's prequeue line is probably the longest one I have seen all day in terms of prequeue, I was supposed to eat first before going to her but I was like "F*** it" and queued as well.
Her neighbors are Yoshida Akari, Yabushita Shu, Shibuya Nagisa and Fujie Reina. I have nothing much to say about them since I didn't really observe them, and I'm turning grumpy and impatient that time because of hunger.
Finally, my turn came.
Sayanee: Hello!
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines!
Sayanee: [in english] Thank you.
Me: Your line is really long
Sayanee: it is! [with an exaggerated tired expression]
Me: Aren't y-

The thing though with Sayanee is, its like she has control over her ushers. Even when they said my time was already up, she was still holding my hand, nobody was like forcing me back or something until I finish what I say and what she wants to say. She signaled she wanted me to continue
Me: Aren't you tired?
Sayanee: I'm alright, thank you so much! [smiling widely]
Then they pushed me back right after she released my hand. I have the feeling she might really be Antonio.

After her, I tried to find stores inside (in which I realize that there's none) and went to the bathroom. After trying inside, I went outside and just ate at the closest konbini, with only about 40 minutes till the start of my Slot 4. I wouldn't want to miss my Slot 4 since its Kojimako, my kamioshi.

SLOT 4: Kojima Mako and Yukirin

Kojima Mako is my kami oshimen. For me the whole point of going to Japan, joining the handshake event, spending money on airfare and my hotel was all for her, to meet her sooner. So when about 30 minutes before the start of slot 4, I was already prequeueing. I was third in my line and was really excited for my first time meeting my kamioshi in person. She was kinda late, the booth next to Kojimako's opened up and I peaked to see who the member was.
It was Mariyagi! She is really beautiful and slender. She was smiling even before she sat down on her booth, like she is getting into character. After 5 minutes the other side of our booth also started their handshakes. Kojimako was still missing and i'm like really pumped to meet her.

And then after a few minutes, there she was, going straight past our booth, or rather her booth if she only remembered it sooner. The staff came after her and told her that the booth that we were in was her booth. She was like "ah. sou" completely emotionless and its like she doesn't give a crap about anything. Her reaction gave me some kind of feeling that this will probably be the longest 30 seconds of my life ( I bought 3 tickets for her). The first guys she was talking to she was all nods and "hai"s. Its like the old man was just talking to himself. She wasn't even smiling, until maybe the farewell part of the handshake process. The second one was similar to that as well, except maybe a few short sentences from her. I was still really positive that time. 3rd time is a charm right?

So when my turn came, I smiled widely hoping that it will give her a brighter expression..
But nope. It is still the same as the first two.

Kojima Mako: Thank you
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines!
She didn't say anything. Then she moved closer and pointed at her ear.
Me: I'm from the Philippines.
She nodded. I panic'd since I expected her to say something after that.
Me: Uhmm. The election is near huh?
She nodded again, not even smiling
Me: Are you nervous?
Kojima Mako: Daijobu desu (It's okay) [with a slight smile]
Me: Ahhh I see. So uh. Your line is really long.
She moved closer again, signaling she can't hear me.
Me: Your line is really long.
She nods again
Me: Aren't you tired?
Kojima Mako: Daijobu desu (It's okay) [with a slight smile]
Me: Ahhh. I'll vote for you in the elections! *giving a bright smile to lighten up the conversation*
Kojima Mako: Thank you. [emotionless]

I'm really panicking, I'm running out of topics.

Me: wow, you are really pretty.
Kojima Mako: Thank you. [emotionless]

Then at that point, was probably the only time in the whole handshake event, that I wished they already call Time. And thank god they did. She said thank you again for the last time with a big smile, the real kojimako smile. But just for a second before reverting to her old expression.

I don't know what to say about what happened, I mean I did hear horror stories about Kojima Mako handshakes but man, it feels like she's the next Paruru. Not my cup of tea. Now I'm reevaluating my life and my decisions.

That came out as quite a shock for me. I didn't really expect her something, nor should I demand she should be brighter to her fans. I mean like me, there are fans who sacrifice school lunches, salaries, and their time just to be with you. That's my just my 2 cents. I still like her though, the disappointment was just probably because I was expecting too much. My own fault.

Moving on to Yukirin.

I was kinda down after my handshake with Kojima Mako, I'm glad Yukirin was right after her. She is known for her really good replies. Since this is the second handshake in this slot, I already expected her line to be quite long like the earlier ones. But man, her line was like 6 layers. 3 layers inside after the ticket inspection, and 3 layers outside before the inspection. Since I was still bummed that time, I almost ditched her and was supposed to rest. I'm glad I didn't.

After getting through the hellhole outside the ticket inspection, its time to get through the hellhole of a line inside. The good thing about that is, you can watch the other members do their thing in other booths. Next to Yukirin was Mocchi, and in the other side there is this wide space for disabled fans again. Mocchi looks really classy. She looks really high class and elegant. A true lady chara. And then looking at the other side, I saw Kojima Haruna! She was milky white and really slim. She was smiling brightly at the old man that the old man seems to enjoy.

At last, its my turn. Yukirin was really pretty, and was already smiling at looking at me when I came forward.
Yukirin: Thank you!
Me: I'm from the Philippines
Yukirin: Oh awesome! [Sugoi! with her signature eyes that widens]. Thank you so much.
Me: There are alot of people in your line , Aren't you tired?
Yukirin: Ah! I'm okay! Genki Genki [Energetic, or Being healthy / okay]
Then she showed me her arm muscles.
Then thats time!
Yukirin: Thank you!

That was nice. She reminded me why I got her as my kamioshi a few years back. She's the Yukirin that I saw on TV, that I see overreacting on Akbingo, that I see acting. The Yukirin I liked before. Now, now. It sounded dramatic and was exaggerated a bit but the nostalgia factor is real. It really feels like I met the girl I spazzed on for quite some time. That made me feel a bit better.

Moving to slot 5.

SLOT 5 : Takahashi Minami and Matsui Jurina

Being back to my old jolly self, I prequeued for Takamina. There were a lot of people in like those WOTA Jackets ( I forgot what you call those). With Takamina's name in their back. Her line moves quite fast, that I didn't even get the chance to check who her neighbors were. So my turn arrived. She was wearing something on her hair that makes her look childish and she was burikko the whole time.
Takamina: Thank you!
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines.
Takamina: Ara~! [in a cute surprised expression]
Me: I'm a big fan of yours.
Takamina: Thank you so much [then she pouted]
Me: Please do your best in the upcoming selections.
Takamina: Ganbarimasu~ [while doing an idol pose, something like this]

Oh cute cute Takamina. I'm not sure what her gimmick was and why she is doing that but I like it. I like it a lot. She seems to enjoy doing it as well.

After Takamina, I opted to just sit down first since my feet is killing from all the queueing and running. After about 30 minutes, I proceeded to  Jurina's line. Jurina's line was decent, it was long, but fairly fast. I didn't expect much from her really, I'm not a fan of hers but I don't dislike her. On her left side, it was Nao, one more booth after her was Kaotan. On her right was Oba Mina as far as I can remember.

When I got really close to the point that I can already see Jurina clearly, I was stunned. She's like an angel. Her hair was different and her earrings are big. Our little Jurina grew up!

Being the next one , I actually kinda panic'd and forgot what I was about to say. Good thing I kinda remembered before stepping in for real.

Jurina: Thank you!
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines.
Jurina: [With her jaws wide open] Eeeh!  Awesome! Thank you.
Me: You are really beautiful.
Jurina squinted and she smiled at me with the cutest smile that I have ever seen her doing.
Jurina: Thank you! [The playful Ari~ gatou~]
Me: I will definitely vote for you in this years sousenkyou.
Jurina: Wa! I'm so happy. Thank you so much. [smiling widely]
Then she tightened her grasps on my hands. Seeing me as I get ushered out, except she got dragged out of her seat. She held on to me and got to the point where she can only reach me with one hand. That really got me. I'll oshi her now.

SLOT 6: Suda Akari and Kojima Haruna

By this time, I didn't do any prequeuing anymore since my legs are already punishing me for doing so earlier. So all I did was just wait and wait, go in the line when the slot opens, see their neighbors and then do the handshake. Pretty normal stuff.

I went to Suda Akari just because Jurina's line was close to hers. Its a long line, and kinda slow moving, it actually stopped at one point when she was called to the lane for the disabled. But before she went there, she tried to ask permissions to the fans, luckily I was the only one looking at her that is near her and she smiled and waved at me with two hands.. Ooh boy is she pretty. After about 5 minutes, she came back and continued with the Handshake. Her neighbors were Kimoto Kanon, and Yamauchi Suzuran (a real hottie too). On the other side, there is this one SKE girl that I don't recognize.

When my turn came, she was waving at me again the way she waved at me earlier. First time a member recognized me (even though it will only be a short term recognition).

Dasu: Thank you!
Me: Hello! I'm from the Philippines
Dasu: [wide eyed and round lipped] Oh! Awesome! Thank you!
Me: I'm a fan, You're really pretty!
Dasu: [acts surprised and smiled like something awesome happened to her]
Me: It is nice to me-
Dasu: I love you! [in english]
I was surprised, I didn't even get to finish my previous sentence. I paused because of the shock.
Me: I'll vote for you!
Dasu: Thank you!

Than when I was leaving she kinda pulled my hand a bit and when I looked at her she was looking at my hands.

Dasu: Do you write with your left hand?
Me: Yes.
Dasu: [childishly happy] Waaaa! Me too! [laughs]
Me: [laughing] we both are!
Dasu: Come see me again next time okay?
Me: Okay.

Suda Akarin is one hell of a fisher. Of course I got fished by that. And will probably go back to her lane again next time.

Next is Kojima Haruna, her line is super short which is surprising. But what I didn't expect is that people that lined up to her has like 7 tickets each (at least the one in front me of me does). So I waited almost the same time as the longer lines. Seeing Kojiharu from afar, she really looks like royalty, like a princess. She isn't really holding people's hands during handshake which is surprising. I thought its personal perference. But when my turn came I greeted her and asked for her hand, its like she is surprised. But she did raise her right hand and I held it, she isn't grasping my hand though.

Kojiharu: Thank you!
Me: I'm from the Philippines.
Kojiharu: Oooh. [surprised look, not comical but really normal]. Thank you.

And then something unexpected happens, I forgot that she isn't joining the elections. I was supposed to like wish her goodluck and say i'll vote for her. It went silent. And then she asked me something, I wasn't paying attention, I only heard the last part and I just smiled. Kinda embarassing.

Kojiharu: Thank you! [with her signature Kojiharu smile]

Man that was embarassing. But I had no time to really think about that since the next slot is about to start, so I ran into Sasshihara's lane, it was closer.

SLOT 7: Sasshihara Rino and Matsui Rena

The staff started to clean up and there are only a few members left so no neighbors this time. I was 2nd in the line and I got to her really fast. The timer was really fast too.
Sasshihara: Thank you!
Me: I'm from the Philippines.
Sasshihara: Oh. Awesome [surprised look], Thank you for coming.
Me: Please do your best in the upcoming elections
Sasshihara: I'll do my best [enthusiastically]
Me: I'll vote for you
Sasshihara: Hontou? (Really? [smiles like a child being given a candy]
Me: Yes
Sasshihara: Wa. Ureshii (I'm so happy) [similar to her expression when she was announced first in the prelims 2014]
Me: As usual please do your best.
Sasshihara: I'll do my best

She is a sweetheart, when you talk to her, it feels like you are talking to a friend. She reacts naturally. Given a chance I'll choose between her and Mayu for #1, I guess i'll pick her.

Since I'm tired as hell, I went to Rena's lane walking, and when I got there the line was super long. Again nobody was there already so no neighbors. So 4000 years later, Its my turn.

Rena: Thank you
Me: I'm from the Philippines.
Rena: Oh amazing. Thank you!
Me: Sou- [suddenly realizes she is not joining the elections]
Me: Wow you are really beautiful *I used Kirei
Rena: [smiled] Thank you.

Then a weird thing happened, When she smiled I looked at her eyes and then the next thing I heard was its already time. She IS really beautiful.

Me: I'll support you
Rena: Thank you so much.

And that ends my first AKB Handshake experience. It was one hell of a day but pretty memorable and satisfying. By the way, when I said I'll vote for them, I WILL really vote for them. I already expected them to have some impression or impact to me. There will be a major disturbance in my oshi list though, some for the good and some for the bad. But all in all, It was an experience I would regret to miss.

Till next time! Baibai!


  1. min lu dari filipina ?? :v
    bisa bahasa indonesia ?? :v

  2. Haha... Nggak, yg post ini salah satu staf sub ini gan :)

  3. gagal paham gua min..

    AKBingo nya min

  4. good reference, jadi pengen handshake sama para jago tsurishi di jepang kalo lagi musim sakura, penting nih bagi yang tinggal jauh dari jepang

    besok besok kalo abis hs bagi bagi ceritanya lagi ya min... hehehe

    ari~gatou min

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience bro looks like you really had an awesome time and happy to see a fellow pinoy going to akb events I'm really jealous :D

    1. I really did! And kabayan I recommend you to try as well. Its fun, you just need basic japanese to communicate with them. :) Surely you'll have an experience of a lifetime.

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  7. thanks for sharing your handshake experience! it's nice to read posts like this and get an idea on how the girls act bts. also, out of the hundreds of 48 group members, i love jurina the most. thanks for lining up for her. :)

    1. Thank you! Jurina is really pretty and nice. Her reactions are really interesting and it feels like she is genuinely interested in what i am going to say.

      She is probably one of the best ones I had that day :)

  8. beautifully written
    it's kind of like I was experiencing it too
    I really want to meet yukirin
    thank you

    1. Wow! Thank you so much.
      That is what I aim to do.
      Yukirin is really beautiful, she is so white and flawless.

  9. ehhhhhh? cool! so cool!
    HS reports. really interesting.
    do you know a place I can read more HS reports? xD

    hahaha I expected more about mayu's beauty(after I read what you said). you too?
    (since I'm always praising and defend her here when people talk bad things of her) well, it isn't the point but only saying haha sorry. and I love praise her for your beauty and how I get hypnotized by her beauty and mainly her smile. she isn't my oshimen but she is one of the girls I more respect and like). ah, and her smile. Is really sugoi beautiful as on TV?(i really love her smile. serious, it already improved my day hahah)

    omg.. I wanna see miion's smile. that baby <3

    loooool. Sayaka like a boss! sasuga Antonio.. she has her own rules to HS xD. and she was so kakkoi too doing this.

    hahaha cute yukirin showing her muscles xD

    hahaha sasuga miyuki-san. but not so fisher as akarin.(at least for you XD)

    haruna is really slim? sou ka....
    on TV she seems slim but a "normal".

    and about mako-chan. well, I don't wanna talk a about this. I have afraid because maybe I can use some words you can don't like. sorry. sure, I never want to say bad things about her(never) but.. what you said makes me think about some things(and probably I'm not the unique). sure we can based the girls for one report but.. is impossible not think about and analize.

    cute and cool jurina. she raised of her chair.. sugoi, really.
    actually I don't think she is beautiful on TV. only normal. but only a sugoi idol that has the "gap".
    but now, after read your experience if her. I think she is really sugoi. sure I already thought this but, in a different way. since she isn't my oshi and I'm not so interested on her so much(even knowing a lot of things about her that I think only huge fans know) and I have a friend that is jurina's oshi and she talks to me about her, almost everyday hahaah)
    Probably I pay more attention on her.

    ehhhhhhhhh? daasu sugoi! well I expected this but not this way hahaha.

    members this way I think they really know the effort of the most fans do to go to see them, right?

    oh rena eyes.. sugoi.
    you were hypnotized for some seconds for it. in this moments, words don't have so much importance. haha. only the look worth it.

    actually, I think the girls they are really nice with the fans(do the best to stay with the fans all the time)[it isn't none with relation Mako okay?]. I think these members really know the effort of the most fans do to come to see them, right? and this is incredible and graticant

    but in relation of beauty, which girls you think is more beautiful on TV?(sure, if you want answer)

    but wow! in the beginning I was so doki doki suru for you hahhaa. so much pressure and nervosism. sugoi. I simulated if it was me in your place in all of your reports haha

    thanks for share with us!
    you should come back there again and tell us again the experience! xD


    ps: sorry the english.

    1. Oh wow, thank you. You really read everything per detail!

      I cannot assure you though that everyone will be like that the next time I come to them.

      I am still a fan of Mako and people seems to take the "Now I'm reevaluating my life and my decisions." seriously. It is what I, myself experienced and you can have a waaay different outcome.

      Everyone is really nice! I even thought about how they handle talking to people again , and again, and again, some having really the same topics.

      As per who is more beautiful in TV.. Well, none. To be honest they look exactly what they look on TV. But the reality that they are right there in front of you kinda magnifies their beauty.

      And thank you! I hope you enjoyed it.
      I'll make more hopefully in the future.

  10. oh right. "in front of us kinda magnifies their beauty". makes sense.

    thanks for answer ^^

  11. oh right. "in front of us kinda magnifies their beauty". makes sense.

    thanks for answer ^^

  12. gua bacanya kayak gua yang beneran ikut handshake event :v

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